Enormous success using Video & Weekend Rental "Open" for Inspections

We are experiencing 100 % Occupancy Rates using the latest technology and approach to source the best quality tenants in the shortest possible time and it's so easy.

Does your property manager offer Rental "Open" for inspections on Saturday to source the best quality tenants..... well we do, with great success!! 

If you think about it, it all makes perfect sense.  Quality tenants are reluctant to take time off work to inspect properties or are moving to the area for work and find distance & time impossible for mid-week inspections.

We open properties for viewing on Wednesday & Saturday.  Its a win, win.  It's easy for prospective tenants and my property managers get to meet the tenants first hand to select the right fit for your property. 

To combat the issue of distance, we offer an inhouse video service that allows potential tenants to view your property online, on all the major websites.   We video your property, once, when vacant so this video can be re-used in the future should you need to source another tenant.  The feedback from tenants has been amazing.   We are actually finding many larger companies are using this technology to source multiple rental properties for their employees that are working at the wind farm, currently being built 15 minutes north of Horsham.

Are you having trouble sourcing tenants?     Let us help. 

Nola Brown Licensed Estate Agent / Director  |  Horsham Real Estate.