Horsham Real Estate have long been market leaders in Commercial Property Management and successfully manage a wide range of retail properties, professional office suites and industrial sheds/warehouses.

Since purchasing the Property Management Departments from Coller Real Estate, Rathgebers Real Estate and Ray White Real Estate, making our office the largest Property Management department in both Residential & Commercial Property Management.

We have enjoyed the challenge of improving our systems and services to clients through state-of-the-art advancements in technology.

We acknowledge you have a choice when selecting an agent to manage your property, but here are some reasons that we believe, set us apart.

Tenant Database:

We know “who’s who” and I can assure you that a tenant with a “history” does not escape the notice and the experience of our Property Managers. We have a distinct advantage because of the number of properties we manage – tenants know that if they were to do the wrong thing by one of our properties, they would find it extremely difficult to source another property, except through a private unsuspecting landlord.

Website Technology:

Statistics are constantly growing, but at present it is easily estimated that up to 80% of clients search for their needs on the internet. Gone are the days where you picked up the phone to quote properties. The internet is advertising 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is the most economical way to let prospective tenants know your property is available. If they search for rental properties in Horsham, Horsham Real Estate appears on the internet first time, every time… with your property.

Fast Landlord Payments:

We have the technology to pay our landlords WEEKLY, at mid month and end of month, or only at the end of the month … the choice entirely up to you. Your money is of greater use to you in your bank account (ie. Where it can earn interest and work for you) than sitting in our Trust Account.

We can transfer funds into a nominated bank account and forward an instant e-mail itemised statement.

SMS mobile phone technology:

Almost everyone nowadays has a mobile phone, especially the younger generations. [It is actually their preferred method of communication, in most cases.] We use this technology to its best advantage. We have a zero rent arrears policy in our office, so if a tenant lapses into arrears they will receive an SMS text message via their mobile phone, prompting them to call into the office.

Routine Inspection Reports:

We realise our Property Managers are your “eyes and ears” and routine inspections provide us with the opportunity to inspect your property [you may also choose to accompany us.] This ensures that the tenant is maintaining the property to OUR STANDARDS. A full report is forwarded for your records with a full description, colour photos of the overall condition, detailed photos of any maintenance required, plus a guideline of any future maintenance so you can allow for that in your budgeting process.


Detailed checklists and procedures ensure that we are operating at maximum efficiency and that no detail is overlooked. Our procedures are constantly reviewed and updated to keep completely up to the minute with current legislation changes.

Tradesmen & Maintenance:

We pride ourselves on the quality of tradesmen that we are able to attract and source at short notice to maintain our properties to the highest standard. Prompt, efficient and economical property maintenance is the key to maintaining your property’s value and the happiness of your tenant.

I can proudly say that all of my Property Managers go that “Extra Mile”. We hope this insight into our philosophy, office culture and ethics assists you in making a decision.

If you would like to come in for a coffee and chat, we would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

Looking forward to working for you in the future.

Nola Brown.