What is your Commission?

Maybe you are asking me the wrong question.  I am an agent, with 24 years of experience, that is going to work with you to give you market insights to maximise your returns and increase your profits. 

It’s all about rent increases, low vacancy rates, the right mix of good well-qualified tenants, advice on market trends, supply and demand advice at rent review time, maintaining your property standards, inspecting your properties twice a year, on-call for emergencies 24 hours a day, knowing the legislation inside out [new changes 1 July 20] and exceptional marketing on 15 websites to attract great tenants.   

Every $ of extra income from this property equates to a greater return for you and directly maximises the sale price/equity in the future.

Agents who negotiate fees !!

I don’t want to lose management  - over fees.

In the recent past, I have sat down and calculated what my office costs are in staff and service costs to manage properties well.  I am afraid I can’t match what some agents are charging, actually at their rates they would be losing money. This means the only way they can make it work is to cut services/marketing for the properties moving forward, which I see will reduce your income and increase vacancy rates.

I mean this very respectfully but by asking me to reduce my fees but you are actually asking me to reduce my standards and service….which I just can’t do.

We have worked so hard for years sourcing the right tenants, keep a database of tenants [who not to rent to] and would be disappointed to see the standards slip. 

Yes, there are cheaper agents in Horsham, but as the saying goes:  You get what you pay for.

Calculate the cost to if you, if they get the tenant mix incorrect, can’t source the right tenants or worse still, there are empty properties. 

We are not your average agents, you don’t get to No. 1 in managing investment properties in Horsham, being average.  Myself and my team of 4 property managers, take pride and care in our work. 

Available for a chat anytime, about my favourite topic - maximising your return on your investment property, residential or commercial.   Or email me for a copy of our Property Management Manual & Fees. 

I can't wait to start working for you.  

Give me a call today:   Nola  0418 504 855.     [email protected]


Nola Brown Licensed Estate Agent / Director  |  Horsham Real Estate.