Investment properties and Capital Growth in Horsham

My favourite topic - Investment Properties.!!!

Investing in Horsham properties can offer you a better Return on Investment, low Vacancy Rates and excellent Capital Growth.

Vacancy Rate:   The area has always had a very strong rental market.  We currently operate on a waiting list, for tenants, searching to find suitable rental properties to become available.  This is great for our landlords as they then have a choice of applicants to choose from.  

There are 3 industries that we work closely with, with regards to rental accommodation. 

The Wimmera Base Hospital, they lease properties for their staff, doctors and interns that are here on 6 or 12-month work contracts.

The same goes for VIDA, the Wheat Research Institute, they have 6 and 12-month contracts with their scientists.  They are a wheat and crop research facility.

The Horsham Police Department, also lease properties on a regular basis as they support over 60 employees that are based in the Horsham district.

Plus now we are also working the Companies that have just won the first tenders for the construction of the new wind farm in Horsham.   We are working closely with the companies that are looking to secure accommodation for their employees. These employees are usually fly in fly out, who will work during the week and go home to families on the weekends, making them the ideal tenants.

Plus Iluka Mineral Sands are commencing their pilot surveys approx 15 minutes from Horsham.  If this operation commences, it is estimated it will be a 25 year project, bringing amazing opportunity to Horsham and our investment market.

Capital Growth :   I have been selling real estate in Horsham for the past 24 years, as well as investing in properties and property development [ both Residential & Commercial].   During this time I have seen a strong rental market with sound returns and good capital growth.  Horsham is located halfway between Melbourne & Adelaide and is strongly supported by the wider farming community, plus to our proximity to the Grampians National Park and the fact that we are halfway between Melb & Adelaide we have approx. 52 motels, with shopping and restaurants to cater.  We have an excellent shopping centre with most of the larger national tenants, large Aquatic Centre, great schools and Uni’s plus a new hospital.  We also have a large demographic catchment area, most of the farmers retiring from the farm, will retire to Horsham, which is the largest centre in the district.

Pre-purchase Rental Appraisals:   Myself or my property managers offer a service of free pre-purchase rental appraisals on properties you may purchase.  This will give you very accurate and current information to base your decisions on.

The Team:  Our office manages a large portfolio of Residential, Commercial & Industrial properties with 4 full-time property managers and 3 support staff.   My property managers strive for and pride themselves on: 

Tenant selection:  Yes all prospective tenants seem to have glowing references, but it's what they don't put on the application sheet, that interests us.  We will do extensive background checks on all prospective tenants, including looking into their social media sites.  This generally gives a good indication of their lifestyle and who they are associated with.   We will present the best applicants for your choice and approval.

Zero Rent Arrears:   We have a zero rent arrears policy at our office.  Our property managers build a great repor with our tenants, but we still have to be firm when needed.  If a tenant reaches day 14 in arrears a notice to vacate is issued immediately.  Tenants know with our office being the largest property management department in the Wimmera, the chances of them getting another rental property in the area will be very limited, if not impossible.  All of my property managers are highly skilled in all areas of the law and are fully qualified to represent you at VCAT hearings if necessary. 

Advertising:  Effective advertising is the ability to expose your property to the greatest number of prospective tenants, in the shortest possible time.  We achieve this with an intensive advertising campaign incorporating the standard; newspaper advertising, window advertising, open for inspections, brochures plus your property will be advertised online with the 15 websites we currently subscribe to.  Including: &  But our largest source of tenants come from our existing database of contacts searching for their ideal rental, these may include existing tenants that we work closely with should they wish to upsize or downsize their rental property.  These are the ideal tenants as we already know their track record.

Tenant Register:  Our office has a tenant register for all tenants currently searching for their ideal property.  The prospective tenants have registered their details on our database and have indicated their preferences and ideal property.  These prospective tenants have been qualified, interviewed and rental references checked by our Property Managers.  Once a new property is listed for management these tenants are contacted immediately with an email brochure of a property including photos and a full list of features. 

Advanced Technology: We are the only office that has the technology that allows a tenant to book an inspection automatically from our fully automated website:   which is so convenient for them, if they are working during the day. They can also apply for a property online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Rental Walk-Thru Videos:  We also offer cutting edge, affordable videos for our investment properties, to attract the best possible tenants, from far and wide.   This allows easy access and viewing for prospective tenants moving to the area.  This saves on the issues of time and distance.

Our Name:  Our office has another distinct advantage over other rental offices in Horsham… and that’s our name “Horsham Real Estate”.  If tenants are moving to the area and search “Horsham” and Real Estate Rentals, your property comes up first every time.

I hope this gives some insight into what we can offer you and thank you for taking the time to read this information, we hope it will assist you to make a decision.   If you have any questions regarding the enclosed information please give me a call and I would be happy to sit down and discuss all options available to you or give me a call on mobile:   0418 504 855.

All the best with your investment portfolio. 


Nola Brown Licensed Estate Agent / Director  |  Horsham Real Estate.