“It’s all in the name – HORSHAM REAL ESTATE – BUYERS, RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL tenants all use the internet to search for prospective properties – Horsham Real Estate appears first time, every time.”

Specialist Residential & Commercial Property Management:

Our office has specialised in this area for years and we currently manage of the majority Residential and Commercial properties in Horsham. [which allows us to spend the time and resources keeping up to date with latest Government regulation changes - we have the experienced staff to back this up].

Residential & Investment Property Management:

Specialist Property Investment Managers are worth their weight in gold, when it comes to assessing the suitability of a tenant for your property or assessing the correct rental amount and ensuring you are completely informed when you have the opportunity to increase the rental amount during a tenancy. Can you afford not to be using a Specialist Residential Leasing Agent ?!

Sales – Residential & Commercial Sales Department:

When selling your most valuable asset, it is essential that you can trust the sales team you employ. Our impeccable record ensures that you can trust our team to conduct themselves ethically at all times. They take their responsibilites seriously, ensuring honesty at all times to get you the best possible results for your property during the negotiation process.

We are current members of the REAL ESTATE INSTITUTE OF VICTORIA [R.E.I.V.] and are therefore governed by a strict Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct.

Sales Estimates:

What is a Sales Estimate [Appraisal]: A Sales Estimate is an agent’s opinion of the current market value for your property, if it is offered for sale in normal conditions, in comparison to other properties of similar nature and features that have sold recently.

It isn’t rocket science to locate a suitable purchaser for your property, however it is a science to ensure you are selling your property for the highest achievable price…… and that is where we come in to assist you.

Rental Estimates/Appraisals:

Market forces can affect the value of your rent – vacancy factors, supply and demand, quality of tenant and length of lease. Our staff are currently working from a waiting list of residential tenants, searching for suitable properties to lease. We also work exclusively with larger professional organizations and government departments that are constantly sourcing rental accommodation for professional employees. Our team can provide you a very accurate assessment of your property, completely obligation free.

Business broking/sales:

Presentation of your business for sale is critical in achieving a successful result. We have the experience to assist you in all aspects of selling your business, from calculating plant & equipment, stock levels, dealing with accountants, sale negotiation and legal documentation – we can help you every step of the way.

Antique & Furniture Auctions:

Our fully licensed Auctioneer and auction team can assist you with all of your auction needs. Auction is a great way to expose your antique furniture to the market place and through competition, achieve the best possible price.